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You Don’t Need a Steakhouse to Eat Delicious Steak

Eating Steak Without Going to a Steakhouse

When you visit an upscale and delicious steakhouse like the one at Eighteen at the Radisson, you will order a steak seared to perfection on a flat top grill designed for cooking steak. If you want to make steak at home, you probably won’t have this option. You will need to make do with the kitchen appliances available to you, but you can still make a glorious, steakhouse-worthy steak cooked to the perfect temperature in a few different ways. In this Eighteen at the Radisson blog, we offer a few ways to cook steak in the oven, on the grill, and in a cast-iron skillet.

Steak in the Oven

Your oven gives you a few trusted options for cooking steak. Although it may not give you that mouth-watering sear, a proper slow-cooking method will produce a juicy steak nonetheless. When slow-cooking in the oven, make sure to choose a fatty steak like a rib eye or a strip. The prolonged time in the oven will break down the fat, keeping the steak juicy and adding flavor.


You don’t have to slowly roast your steak in the oven. You can also use the broiler to add a sear to it. Try preheating the broiler and a skillet. Then, simply place your steaks under the broiler for a few minutes on either side. Turn off the broiler, set the oven to around 500 degrees and let the steak cook to your preferred doneness.

Steak on the Grill

Next to a steakhouse steak seared on a flat top, grilling is the most popular method of cooking steak. It’s simple, gets you outdoors, and is great for entertaining guests in the spring, summer, and fall. You can choose either propane or charcoal, though many people also add pellets to infuse extra flavor. When grilling, make sure to get the grill as hot as you can. You want to sear your steaks on the grill, not cook them slowly. Once you have the coals nice and hot, you want to separate them, making a hot side of the grill and a warm side of the grill. Sear the steaks on the hot side for a few minutes on either side, then move your steaks to the warm side and cook them to the perfect doneness.

Steak on the Stove

Though the simplest and fastest technique, cooking steak on the stove top leaves room for error. Thin steaks are perfect for the stove top because you can cook them all the way through without burning them. The heat comes from only one side, so you need to flip the steak often to ensure it cooks all the way through without burning. If you love steakhouse steaks, then you should perfect this technique. It doesn’t quite produce the same quality, but your steaks will taste closer to a steak restaurant’s with this method than either the grill or the oven.

Get Your Steak from a Steakhouse

You can cook steak plenty of different ways, or you can choose to come visit your favorite steakhouse, where the steaks are cooked perfectly each and every time. If you feel like relaxing and letting the food come to you without any worries, reserve a table at Eighteen at the Radisson today.

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