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Dry-aged beef being cut in a steakhouse

Breaking Down The Steakhouse Practice Of Aging Beef

When attending a fancy steakhouse, you may notice that the menu sometimes mentions the its beef having been aged for a certain period of time. In fact, our own menu at Eighteen at the Radisson proclaims that all of our steaks have been aged for 30 days. Have you ever wondered what this actually means though? What is even the purpose of “aging” steak at a fine dining restaurant? Wouldn’t that just spoil the meat? You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. At Eighteen at the Radisson, we explain the meaning and purpose behind aging beef so that you can fully appreciate your next cut of mature meat.

The Process

For context, beef can be wet aged or dry aged; the former refers to the meat bathing in its own juices, usually inside a vacuumed-sealed bag, and the latter implies the act of hanging the steaks in a special humidity-controlled refrigeration room for an extended period of time so that water is extracted and that other chemical processes occur. Most steakhouses carry out the process of dry aging, as it yields more flavor. Wet aging merely makes the meat more tender, though utilizing it too much can give the meat a mushy, runny structure.

The Time

For dry aging, research has shown that little results are garnered after 30 days of aging. The benefits will typically peak at around this time period, so aging your meat for much longer does not do much good. At Eighteen at the Radisson, our steakhouse has embraced this idea, which is why all of of our steaks are matured for 30 days. You are still reaping the enhanced flavor from the aging, while still enjoying a fresh, hand-cut beef.

The Benefits

So what’s this all about? In short, steakhouses dry age their beef to increase the level of tenderness and flavor. The change in flavor is achieved from the addition of taste-enhancing bacteria, enzyme breakdown and oxygen gains. Additionally, the loss of water and other liquids from the steak help to remove the minerally, blood-like flavors that are prominent in a non-dry-aged cut. So next time you see that a steak has been aged, you can know you are getting a better-tasting cut.

Visit The Eighteen at the Radisson Steakhouse To Try An Aged Steak

You can experience the magic of aged meat at our very own fine dining restaurant in Cincinnati. From sirloins to ribeyes, you are sure to find something you will enjoy on our menu. Contact us at 859-491-5300 or visit our steakhouse to schedule a reservation.

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