Revolving Restaurant

A Deeper Look at Our Revolving Restaurant

Eighteen at the Radisson is Cincinnati, Ohio’s only revolving restaurant. But how does it work and what can you expect to feel and see while you’re dining here? That’s what we’re here to answer for you!

When we say “revolving restaurant”, that’s exactly what we mean. Eighteen at the Radisson is located on the very top floor of the Radisson, and from the exterior, it looks like a glowing, circular tower that slowly spins. Some people even say it looks like a lighthouse at night, shining high above the city.

But before you assume this is some kind of thrill ride/dining experience, we must be clear that Eighteen at the Radisson could not be more of the opposite. Our revolving restaurant makes one complete revolution every hour, maintaining a slow-moving rotation that is subtle yet noticeable.

What to Expect While Dining at Our Revolving Restaurant

Eighteen at the Radisson was designed with our customers in mind. While we wanted to give our guests an unforgettable and unique fine dining experience, we also realize you came to our revolving restaurant to eat, and you want to be able to enjoy your meal without any physical discomfort.

For that reason, our revolving restaurant offers the perfect balance for our guests while they’re eating. Although guests will certainly be able to feel that the restaurant is moving, each hourly rotation is subtle, gentle and slow, so you can enjoy your meal to the fullest.

While dining at our revolving restaurant, there are a few things in particular you can expect to see. First and foremost, Eighteen at the Radisson offers the most elegant view of the Ohio River around – especially at night. Even from way up on the eighteenth floor of the Radisson, our guests love to watch the dancing ripples of the water across the river. It creates such a romantic atmosphere!

Additionally, many historic and iconic sites are visible from the top of our revolving restaurant. From any table inside Eighteen at the Radisson, diners will be able to see many distinct locations among the beautiful skyline, including:

  • John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge (referred to by locals as “The Suspension Bridge”)
  • Paul Brown Stadium
  • Great American Ball Park (home of the Cincinnati Reds)
  • S. Bank Arena
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • The top of the Cincinnati Museum Center

As you can see, Eighteen at the Radisson has much to offer Cincinnati visitors and residents. For more information about our revolving restaurant, please contact us.