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Revolving Restaurant Mechanics

The Mechanics of a Revolving Restaurant

You’ve enjoyed your fine dining experience at one of the world’s leading revolving restaurants and now you’re wondering, just how does that restaurant work? What makes it turn so quietly and smoothly?

These restaurants are a marvel of the 20th century. While the Roman emperor Nero reportedly had a revolving room or ceiling in his Doramus Aureus palace, it was not until the mid-20th century that revolving restaurants first appeared in Germany.

How a Revolving Restaurant Turns

Revolving restaurants are built upon a donut-shaped turntable that sits inside a structure.  Seems simple enough, right? But there’s a complex system of gears that ensure smooth, nearly flawless operation.  Within the “hole” of the turntable is the location of the infrastructure including the elevator, the restrooms, possibly the restaurant kitchen, the hostess station, and all the utility infrastructure.

Maximum rotational speed is selected for the comfort of the restaurant guests and generally, most revolving restaurants make one revolution about every hour. This gives the patrons a slow, nearly imperceptible movement while the scenery is ever-changing. This also permits the waitstaff to easily deliver food to the tables. In some revolving restaurants, food is prepared on a lower or upper level and delivered to the restaurant by either dumbwaiter or elevator.

The support system of a revolving restaurant features custom casters which reduce friction thereby preventing wear and delivering a smooth ride for all who are in the restaurant. The drivetrain consists of a drive ring with two or more drives specifically designed for the revolving restaurant application. Interestingly, all of this is managed by a simple control box where the operator can determine the speed and direction of revolution (clockwise or counterclockwise.)

Manufacturers of revolving restaurant turntables, like Macton Corporation, work with architects to customize the restaurant to the owner’s specification. Many larger revolving restaurants are two-tiered, accommodating more tables without sacrificing the view.

Cincinnati’s Revolving Restaurant

Eighteen at the Radisson is the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s leading fine dining steakhouse that also happens to be a revolving restaurant on the 18th floor of the Radisson Hotel.  Featuring premium steaks, seafood, and entrees made with the freshest ingredients, as well as a complete wine cellar and craft beers, Eighteen is one of the Midwest’s top restaurant destinations.   Contact Eighteen at the Radisson for your next family or business event, or casual fine dining experience at (859) 491-5300. We look forward to serving you!

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