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How to Choose the Best Romantic Restaurant for a First Date

It’s time for that first date. You want to make it special, memorable, fun and enjoyable for that special someone. A nice dinner out is always a safe bet for a first date because it gives the two of you time to get to know one another in a pleasant but neutral environment. But, there are myriads of restaurants to choose from! Finding the “right” choice among potential romantic restaurants – one that will foster good conversation and not be distracting – can be hard to do.

It’s All in the Details at Romantic Restaurants

The purpose of a romantic first date is to foster intimacy, through conversation, so that you two can get to know each other better.  One of the first questions to ask is, what is the sound level in the restaurant? If the owner of the pizza shop is loudly singing Italian arias, that may not be the best choice. A romantic restaurant will have soft background music, just enough to add to the ambiance but not overpowering.

What about table settings? Does the restaurant use cloth table coverings and napkins? Is the tableware and place settings real or paper or plastic? A romantic restaurant will use cloth, real flatware and china place settings.

What about lighting? It is subdued and romantic, casting a warm glow, or harsh and glaring?  Are there flowers or candles on the table?  Is the restaurant decor warm and inviting?

And then there is the potential for a view. Many romantic restaurants have windows and may even be on a higher floor in a building, featuring a view of a city or countryside.  Perhaps the pinnacle of romantic restaurants is the revolving restaurant, which features an ever-changing view of the surrounding area.

The Waitstaff

The waitstaff at a fine dining establishment will be able to determine quickly if a particular table is a business meeting, a social gathering of friends, or a first date. Accordingly, the waitstaff should be attentive but not intrusive, helping to make your evening pleasant.

First Dates in the Cincinnati Area

Among the many fine dining establishments in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area, Eighteen at the Radisson stands out as the premiere choice for a memorable first date. With its 18th floor revolving restaurant atop the Radisson Hotel, Eighteen is known for being the leading steakhouse in the Cincinnati area. Featuring fresh ingredients and world class menu, wine cellar and beer selections, Eighteen at the Radisson will meet your requirements for a first class first date. Contact us today at (859) 491-5300 to make your reservation. Visit our website at

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