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You Will Find Great Steaks at Our Steakhouse

All About the Cuts of Meat You Will Find in a Steakhouse

Steak comes in many different shapes, sizes, flavors, and levels of tenderness. When you go to a steakhouse like  Eighteen at the Radisson, you know all the steaks on the menu will taste delicious, but when cooking for yourself, you may get overwhelmed by the different cuts and types of steaks. That’s why our steakhouse team decided to offer a little guide into the background of different cuts of steak.

How Does Steak Differ from Beef?

When people talk about steak as opposed to other kinds of beef, they typically mean specific cuts of meat that you can sear and cook quickly. These cuts have less sinewy tissue and don’t need to be slow-cooked to be broken down. Steaks are fast-cooking and taste great even after just a fast sear on the flat top grill.

What Do the Different Types of Cut Indicate?

Each type of cut refers to the area of the cow from which it is cut. Softer and under-worked muscles make for the most tender steaks, so designating the area from which the cut comes from is a great way to indicate what the steak will taste like.

Rib Eye

Known for its marbling of fat and delicious flavor, rib eye steaks come from the area between the sixth and twelfth rib. In some areas of the world, the bone is left in the steak. Here, however, many people call a rib eye with the bone left in a cowboy cut. Less tender than filet but more flavorful, rib eyes are popular across the world.

Filet Mignon

Often considered the most tender cut of steak, filet mignon comes from the muscle known as the tenderloin that runs along the spine. The most tender cuts of filet mignon come from the tapered, front end of the muscle. Though not as flavorful as rib eye or some other steaks, a great filet cooked to perfection practically melts in your mouth.

Strip, Sirloin, and Porterhouse Cuts

Although these are three unique cuts sold at steakhouses, they all come from the same muscle, the short loin. This muscle is similar to the tenderloin from which filet is cut, but the cuts tend to be tougher than both the filet and the rib eye.

Porterhouse cuts include both tenderloin and short loin meat. When you buy a porterhouse from a steakhouse, you get a large strip steak on one side and a tender filet on the other. If you can handle the size of this steak, it is one of the tastiest available.

Skirt & Flank Steak

These two similar cuts of steak come from the underside of the cow. Flank steak comes from a section of the cow closer to the rear, and the skirt steak comes from a section of the cow known as the plate. Both cuts offer more flavor than tenderness. Great for fajitas and braised dishes, you will find typically find both cuts of meat in South American cuisine.

Visit Our Steakhouse

You can find great recipes for any cut of steak online, or you can relax and watch the Cincinnati skyline unfold before you and enjoy a steak cooked to perfection at Eighteen at the Radisson. If you choose our steakhouse for your evening meal, make sure to contact us ahead of time at Eighteen at the Radisson.

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