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How the  Revolving Restaurant Developed Over the YearsTable setup by the window of a revolving restaurant

One of the greatest pleasures to enjoy, living in a modern era, is to dine in a revolving restaurant, high above a metropolitan city or the river Nile, while partaking in a fabulous meal. Revolving restaurants are found in large cities across the globe, whether on hotel rooftops or the tops of various communication towers or skyscrapers.

The First Revolving Restaurant

History tells us that Emperor Nero, when constructing his Domus Aurea (or Golden Palace) after the great Roman fire of 64 AD, installed a revolving restaurant in this palace of 300 rooms, all built for entertainment. In actuality, Nero’s engineer architects, Celer and Severus, engineered a revolving ceiling, powered by slaves cranking the ceiling, which rotated and dispensed flower petals and perfume on the diners below. While not a true revolving restaurant, this ceiling, nevertheless was a technological advancement.

20th Century Inspiration

In 1956, in Stuttgart, Germany, a barrel-shaped TV tower was built (with the Panorama Cafe’) into one of the levels. This tower became an instant hit and quickly turned into a  tourist attraction. It is believed to be the inspiration for following revolving restaurants. Later, in 1959, a true revolving restaurant was built into the Florianturm, a TV tower located in Dortmund, Germany.

Today, these unique restaurants can be found in major cities worldwide. Some of the more famous fine dining restaurants include the 1961 Cairo Tower, designed by Naoum Shabib, which gently revolves as diners view the Nile and the Great Pyramid.

Here in the United States, the first revolving restaurant is said to be La Ronde, at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. This restaurant was designed by renowned architect, John Graham and opened in 1961.  His technology was used to build the revolving restaurant atop Seattle’s Space Needle. In Canada, Niagara Falls’ Skylon Tower revolving restaurant features a bird-eye view of Niagara Falls and surrounding area.

Revolving restaurants are among the most romantic restaurants in the world. Most are considered to be fine dining restaurants, not snack bars. Cincinnati, Ohio’s own Eighteen at the Radisson is a world-renowned steakhouse.

Make a Reservation with Eighteen at the Radisson

In the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area of the midwest, the place to go for a romantic night at a revolving restaurant or a great steak dinner, is Eighteen at the Radisson. Located atop the 18th floor of the Radisson Hotel, this modern restaurant features spectacular views of the Ohio River and surrounding area. Specializing in Angus Reserve Prize Steak, Eighteen Restaurant uses the freshest ingredients, featuring gourmet fare and sumptuous desserts.  Our facility can also accommodate your special family or business events.  Visit our website at and contact us today make your reservations at (859) 491-5300.


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