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Best Spring Wines to Drink at our Fine Dining Restaurant

The sun is shining, the flowering trees are in full bloom, the temperatures are warm – spring is definitely in the air!  Springtime evokes the promise of new growth, new beginnings, and new energy. Our wardrobes change to lighter clothing and our menus change to lighter, more seasonable food, and this includes wines. No longer bound by the heavy, robust wines of winter, lighter wines have a higher acidity that complements the fresher foods of spring. Come try some at our fine dining restaurant.

Light Springtime Reds

Light red wines are good in spring, particularly those from France. These light reds have low tannins, making them fresh and quite drinkable. Putting them in the fridge for a half hour will increase their fresh taste.

France’s Loire Valley produces wines that are low-alcohol which makes them easy to drink, usually from the native Pineau d’Aunis grape. Enjoying a night of fine dining? Ask for these types of wines with your grilled salmon and goat cheese.

Light White Wines

Thinking of visiting a romantic fine dining restaurant specializing in shellfish? Ask to try a Spanish Albarino from the Galicia region which goes well with cold summer soups as well as fish preparations.  Thinking of an Asian meal? A very young Gruner Veltliner pairs well with Asian food.  If Sauvignon Blanc is one of your favorites, don’t despair. With more varieties available than ever before, you can try new, younger versions, especially if your dish is seasoned with fresh herbs.

Orange Georgian Wine – a New Alternative

Can’t decide between a red or white wine? Try the orange or amber wine made from white grapes that are left to macerate on top of their skins. A traditional wine from the country of Georgia, these unique spring wines are now making appearances everywhere from Western Europe to New York City.

Rosé Wines for Spring

Lighter rosé wines from Provence or the south of France go well with outdoor barbecue meals but may overpower lighter fare. Consider trying rosé from the Navarra region of Spain, too, with traditional meals featuring an aioli dressing.

Choosing a Fine Dining Restaurant

Dining in the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area? Make Eighteen at the Radisson your choice of fine dining restaurant.  Eighteen is Cincinnati’s premiere steakhouse, featuring prime Angus beef, fresh accouterments, a wine cellar, craft beer offerings and the best view in town with our revolving riverview fine dining restaurant. Conveniently located in Covington, KY, directly across from downtown Cincinnati, Eighteen at the Radisson fine dining restaurant also offers convenient airport access.
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