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Wine and cheese at Eighteen at the Radisson

Eighteen the Radisson: Dining Tips from the French

The French take dining very seriously. Known for their wines, cheeses, breads, and pastries, food is the heart of French culture. As culinary experts, the French can offer Americans some much-needed dining advice. By eating the French way, you’ll enjoy your meals a little more and discover some unexpected health benefits. Today, Eighteen at the Radisson provides a few French dining tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Eat Together

Americans have become accustomed to taking meals on the run, but the French understand that food tastes better when shared. In France, you normally won’t find people eating alone at their desks, in their cars, or in front of the television. Instead, the French take their meals at the table with family and friends. This makes eating a social experience, not merely something you do to get through the day. Next time you are dining at Eighteen at the Radisson, be sure to bring along some company to enjoy the meal with you.

Eat Slow

The French also understand that food is meant to be savored, not scarfed down. Since the French are likely to eat with others, they eat slower, stopping over now and then to enjoy conversation. On average, the French spend 2 hours and 22 minutes a day eating, compared to the mere 80 minutes Americans spend.

Eating slower can greatly benefit your health. Despite the country’s obvious love for food and their rich diets of cheese and pastries, France actually has lower obesity rates than the US. Since the French eat slower, they are more likely to notice when they are full, making them less likely to overeat. Next time you are dining at Eighteen the Radisson, slow down and savor our unique dining experience

Care About Ingredients

The French take pride in their cooking. When they prepare a meal at home, they tend to visit local markets, butchers, and bakeries, looking for the best fruits, vegetables, and cuts of meat. When they dine, they look for restaurants that serve fresh ingredients. To truly eat like the French, take an interest in cooking and dining, and learn about the ingredients that go into your food. Following this simple tip will help you avoid overly processed food, greatly benefitting your health.

Visit Eighteen at the Radisson

At Eighteen at the Radisson, we offer a unique dining experience. Our revolving restaurant, located on the eighteenth floor of the Radisson building, gives a 360-degree view of Cincinnati, overlooking city landmarks like the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, Paul Brown Stadium, and the Great American Ball Park (home of the Cincinnati Reds). With a unique atmosphere, fresh ingredients, and great food, our steakhouse is a great place relax and eat like the French. Contact Eighteen the Radisson today to set up a reservation!

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