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Woman in fancy summer dress at fine dining restaurant

Choosing The Perfect Summer Outfit To Wear To A Fine Dining Restaurant

Arguably one of the best parts about attending a fine dining restaurant is getting to dress up for the occasion. Now that summer has arrived, finding a comfortable outfit that still fits the setting can be a bit of a challenge. To aid in this fashion dilemma, Eighteen at the Radisson decided to compile some of our favorite trendy clothing options for dressing the part while still being able to maintain a comfortable dining experience.


For our ladies, we suggest wearing an elegant summer dress to fine dining restaurants.This is the perfect garment for looking fancy while also staying cool. Summer dresses are typically thinner and made of a more breathable fabric that prevents your body from overheating while you endure the Cincinnati heat. To add an element of style, select a dress with bright colors such as pink, yellow, blue or green to ring in the cheerful hues of the summer season.

No outfit is complete without some accessories, though. Top of your modish ensemble with a subtle necklace or bracelet that compliments the colors of your dress. Some large, hoop earrings will help complete your getup and send you on your way to your lavish dinner. You can never have too much jewelry when attending a fine dining restaurant!


Although shorts may not be the most appropriate option to wear to a fine dining restaurant, there are still ways for the gentlemen to beat the heat and sport a respectable outfit. Eighteen at the Radisson suggests donning a white or other light-colored button-up shirt. The light tones of your oxford will help reflect the sun’s heat from your clothing, keeping you more comfortable as you enjoy your upscale meal. Pair your dress shirt with some nice chinos or slacks. Choosing some fun, yet subtle colors for your pants are always a trendy approach for staying with the theme of the season.

Finish of your dinner attire with a matching belt, watch and shoes to connect your garments together. A walnut brown is always a safe option for summer outfits. For the exceptionally fancy dining experiences, put on a patterned sports coat, such as seersucker or houndstooth, to reach peak fanciness. You are sure to be the best-dressed at any fine dining restaurant.

Contact Eighteen At The Radisson For More Fine Dining Restaurant Fashion Tips

With these guidelines, you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of fine-dining fashion. For more information regarding clothing tips or anything concerning fine dining restaurants, contact Eighteen at the Radisson at 859-491-5300.

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