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Omelette being made at Eighteen at the Radisson

Crafting Creative Omelette Combos at Eighteen at the Radisson

One of the highlights of our Sunday brunches is the customizable omelette station, which allows you to combine your favorite meats, vegetables and cheeses with fluffy, savory eggs. With an array of different toppings at your disposal, it can be hard to decide upon which ingredients to match together. At Eighteen at the Radisson, we have worked to resolve this issue by creating some of our favorite omelette combinations to share with you to try out during our brunch. Using the supplements at hand, there’s sure to be a combination to satisfy every type of flavor personality.

The Meat-Lover

This one is for all the carnivores out there. When you’re at the Eighteen at the Radisson Sunday brunch omelette station, combine ham, bacon and sausage, alongside your choice of cheese, to fold into your eggs. Once the combination is finished cooking, you will have a protein-filled bundle of meat to satisfy your mid-morning appetite. No vegetables necessary for this one.

The Veggie-Lover

We can’t include a meat-lovers recipe and then not provide one for our veggie lovers. To build this omelette, simply select your favorite vegetables to mix with your eggs. Eighteen at the Radisson suggests using spinach leaves, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes to craft a nutrient-rich breakfast preparation. Throw in some cheese for a hint of extra flavor.

The Wake-Up Call

Appropriately named, The Wake-Up Call is sure to make you break a sweat to get your day started. Why, you ask? This one is for those who have an appetite for indulging in spicy foods. To build this omelette, combine some sausage, red and green peppers, and jalapenos. To top off this zesty creation, Eighteen at the Radisson suggests dousing some hot sauce over the top of the omelette to add an extra kick. Make sure you have some water nearby for this one.

Say Cheese

Although probably the simplest omelette to create, this one is consistently a fan favorite. When at the Eighteen at the Radisson brunch, simply melt a combination of your favorite cheeses into the egg for a gooey, flavorful ensemble that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Contact Eighteen at the Radisson To Schedule A Brunch Reservation

All this omelette talk has got us wishing it were Sunday morning again. Don’t hold back; come to our revolving restaurant for our weekly brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and test out some of your favorite omelette fusions. To schedule a reservation, contact Eighteen at the Radisson at 859-491-5300.


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