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Beer at a steakhouse

What Beer Should I Order at a Steakhouse?

When it comes steakhouse drink choices, beer does not get its deserved credit. Often people will opt for a fine wine or a classic cocktail, but beer pairs well with many steakhouse dishes. You just have to know which ones to choose. Today, Eighteen at the Radisson discusses the best beer to have with steak.

Things to Consider

Like any alcohol, beer comes in a variety of styles, each one differing in flavor. Although choosing a beer at a steakhouse is not nearly as complicated as other alcohol pairings (like pairing wine with your meal), there are still a few elements to keep in mind. First, think about the cut, tenderness, and flavor of your steak. Second, think about the body, hoppiness, and flavor profile of your beer. Understanding the flavor of both your meat and beer will make your beer choice much easier. Below, we’ve listed a few, basic beer suggestions to drink at a steakhouse.


Porters will go well with nearly any meat dish. Generally, a porter is a dark beer that has a smooth, grainy taste. In the flavor profile, you might catch a glimpse of coffee or toffee. Although it is a dark beer, the porter does not have a bitter flavor. Overall, porters will go well with any cut of steak.


Pilsners are hoppy and refreshing with a smooth, buttery flavor. With their simple but refreshing taste, pilsners go well with a tender cut of meat. For this reason, we recommend drinking a pilsner with a fillet, a lean, tender steak that can be served very rare.

Indian Pale Ale

Ordering an Indian Pale Ale can be a risky move for beer novices. As an incredibly hoppy beer, Indian Pale Ales tend to be an acquired taste. Because of their strong, hoppy flavor, Indian Pale Ales tend to overpower the flavor of most food. Therefore, if you order an Indian Pale Ale at a steakhouse, it’s best to order a juicy, flavorful steak as well. For this reason, we recommend ordering an onglet steak, also known as a hanger steak.

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